What is a lash artist?

Eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications that improve the length, curl, fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes. The extensions can be made of various materials, including mink, silk, synthetic, human hair, or horse hair. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that adhere to natural lashes so that the fringes of the eyelashes appear longer, fuller and darker. Individual eyelash extensions are applied to each of the individual natural lashes (one extension per natural eyelash) with a semi-permanent glue.

Because each of your individual lashes is at a different stage in the growth cycle, you'll start to see a more sparse appearance after two to four weeks, as new natural lashes appear and eyelashes that had an attached extension begin to fall out. And try taking breaks where you let your natural lashes do their thing (and use a conditioning eyelash serum to get them back to health). When booking your eyelash extension service, make sure your eyelash artist is a licensed beautician (rather than a cosmetologist). As you get up to speed, you may become discouraged and question your decision to become an eyelash artist.

Neither type of eyelash extension lasts longer than the other, but mink and silk lashes tend to look more natural, while synthetic lashes can be thicker and darker, making it more suitable for those who want a bolder look. I know that all the specialists in eyelash extensions tell you that they won't damage your natural eyelashes if done correctly, but maybe I only have very weak eyelashes, I would go to the best eyelash technicians, and every time my last extension fell out, they greeted me with natural eyelashes that were much shorter than when I started. Next, two eyelash experts, a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon will discuss everything you need to know about eyelash extensions, from finding the right eyelash artist to the cost, risks, and everything in between. All your eyelashes are at a different stage at any given time, which means that some of your eyelashes are about to fall out, while others are experiencing a growth period (this is true whether you have eyelash extensions or not).

As an eyelash artist, you spend time consulting with each client about the type of look they want to achieve, whether it's glamorous lashes with volume or mega-volume or as if they were wearing a permanent mascara. However, they differ from eyelash technicians in that they not only have the skill and theoretical knowledge, but also the experience to design more freely. Factors you have no control over (such as whether you rub your eyes while you sleep or if you genetically have a faster eyelash cycle than is considered normal) can compromise your natural eyelashes and cause them to fall out or break. Most people need three to six months or more of practice before becoming a skilled and talented eyelash artist.

My eyelash artist turned out to be a cosmetologist specializing in nails, someone who definitely shouldn't have been working in my eye area. When you train to become an eyelash artist, you'll learn from master stylists who are the best at what they do and want to pass that knowledge on to new eyelash technicians. Typically, the eyelash artist will use various lengths and degrees of curvature to create a wide-open eye effect, with longer eyelashes in the outer corners of the eyes and shorter eyelashes in the inner corners.

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