How are false eyelashes attached?

Use tweezers to first place half of the strip in the center of the eye and then push the outer and inner corners down along the lash line. Once all the edges are in place, you can use your fingers to gently pinch the natural lashes and the false eyelashes to blend together. Start by preparing your natural lashes. False eyelashes should be the last step in your eye makeup routine.

Once your eyelashes are curled and painted with mascara, you can enter the false eyelashes. Place the eyelash glue on your chosen eyelashes and allow them to dry slightly before placing it on the upper eyelid. The easiest way to put on false eyelashes is with tweezers. If you have any allergies or even sensitive skin, it is essential to check the ingredients that make up the glue for eyelashes and the eyelashes themselves.

Adding false eyelashes to your makeup look is a fun way to add a little glamor to your daily routine without committing to professional eyelash extensions.

Bernard Hackshaw
Bernard Hackshaw

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