Are lash extensions healthier than mascara?

However, we found that eyelash extension is durable. For many women, choosing mascara over eyelash extensions is a matter of preference. However, we found that the lasting benefit of eyelash extension outweighs any attribute mascara possesses in our research. Having eyelash extensions is a confidence boost like no other.

Your eyes lift instantly and you look more awake and elegant. Eyelash extensions require very little maintenance. Gently brush them once a day with an eyelash extender, a product containing aloe, or a similar natural substance, which coats the eyelashes to keep them in place. I wake up and I don't have to worry about putting on makeup.

Of course, if I go out, I may have to add some moisturizer or lip balm, but I'm not worried about having raccoon eyes with mascara or my eyelashes falling out with strips. It has really boosted my confidence knowing that no matter what happens, I always have long, fleshy eyelashes that make my eyes stand out. Is it the safest thing for the eyes? What about the glue?.


extensions are more expensive compared to false eyelashes and mascara because it is semi-permanent.

At the same time, a retouching would be needed every month. However, it's still a good investment as it won't damage natural eyelashes. Grouping: the extensions are designed to give you a fuller, fluffier and softer look than mascara. If the tabs are grouped together, you won't be able to achieve this look.

Unlike other permanent makeup procedures, eyelash extensions are expensive. Starter kits can range from 8K to 15K, depending on the type of extensions you choose and the technician's professional experience. In addition to that, you have to do retouching every two or three weeks. Because they stick to natural lashes, they can come off quite easily and good quality replacements can cost up to $7,000.

As you can imagine, this process is tedious and is the main reason why the eyelash appointment lasts about two hours. Any type of product that contains oil around the eye area should be avoided, as this will cause the glue to loosen and cause the eyelash extension to fall off. Due to the popularity, high demand, cost-effectiveness, process improvement, the best material and the variation of modern eyelash extensions, opinions on this matter have changed in recent decades. The principles are fairly easy to understand, but the application requires surgical precision, which is key to preventing damage to natural eyelashes.

I can say this with confidence because 80% of my eyelash clients have been receiving eyelash extensions for more than three years without taking a break. At the same time, this will also depend on the quality of your false eyelashes, since there are low quality eyelashes that can only be used once. While the procedure itself is quite safe, certain errors can damage natural eyelashes. Even though the facts about eyelash extensions are quite clear, they may not be enough to make an informed decision about whether to buy them or not.

To avoid getting bacteria in your eyes, don't share your false eyelashes with anyone, as their bacteria can transfer to you. You'll have to wait for the glue to become sticky and then align it properly where it is just above the lash line. These eyelash extensions are applied one by one by an eyelash technician to natural eyelashes with glue. Among the first to defend modern eyelash extensions were celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and Beyonce.

To help you decide if eyelash extensions are right for you without relying on rumors from the beauty gossip industry, I consulted Andra Marin (opens in a new tab), artistic director and expert eyelash stylist at Courtney Akai Lash Boutique (opens in new tab) in New York, and ophthalmologist Alberto Distefano (opens in a new tab), M. For example, places that offer “cheaper” extensions are usually glued to a group of eyelashes pre-glued to the natural lash line. In 1911, Anna Taylor, a Canadian woman, filed the first patent in the form of a strip for temporary adhesive eyelashes made of presumably real hair, although the patent did not specify. .


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