How do you know what lash goes on what eye?

Place the false eyelashes, while they are still in the plastic tray, under the nose with the eyelashes facing out; this will identify the left and right eyelashes, since they are not always marked. To remove them, always peel them off the outer edge, never along the inner corner. What you're doing now is exactly how you should do it. They are designed to be rotated as if you were wearing them to know which tab is for which eye.

I'll attach an image for reference. The goal when choosing eyelashes for hooded eyes is to find one that creates openness. Choose a tab that is long in the center and that tapers at both ends. This will also give the illusion of greater depth.

Use shorter, more natural looking lashes. Like round eyes, they avoid big, bulky lashes. When people talk about false eyelashes, they are most likely referring to strips, which, as the name suggests, are a horizontal band of synthetic tufts that are worn throughout the line of the upper lashes. Hooded eyes benefit from lashes that are longer in the center.

“Be sure to measure the width of your false eyelashes by comparing it to your natural eyelash line and trimming the excess length before applying them,” Joy says. Magnetic lashes work by “sandwiching” natural lashes between two interlocking strips of false eyelashes, which are joined together with the help of micro-magnets. Eyelash extensions usually last up to two months, but you'll probably want to schedule touch-ups every few weeks to correct gaps where artificial lashes have come off. If you want to give them more volume, you can also press against the base of the eyelashes on the inner line of the eyelashes to make them lift slightly.

It's easy to overdo it with a drop of eyelash glue that can stick everywhere and take forever to dry, so Tharp recommends putting the glue in an empty glass first (she loves to reuse garment packaging for this) and then using the stem of a cotton swab or the edge of a hairpin to place a thin, even layer of glue on the column of the lashes. Start by gently placing the top strip on top of the lashes, then “fasten them in place” by placing the bottom strip underneath the lashes and letting the magnets pull them together. They won't give you such spectacular volume, but they're ideal for adding a little more volume to your lashes. If you have monolid lashes (eyelids without creases), you'll want shorter, fuller lashes in the outer corner to open your eyes.

Individual lashes are much easier to apply than striped lashes, since you only work with a few locks at a time. As mentioned before, you should align the beginning of the eyelash strip with the start of most of your natural lashes. Like the two previous eye shapes, avoid heavy eyelashes, as they will make your eyelids look heavy. With so many tabs available, it can be overwhelming to choose the ones that best suit you and your customers.

The sturdy band keeps it in place without weighing down your lashes, while this volumizing design instantly opens hooded eyes. Individual lashes are an excellent option if you want to give a subtle and complete touch to the fullness and length of your natural lashes, or you simply want to add definition to certain areas of the eyelash line. To adjust the size of the lashes and make them fit the curvature of the eyelash line, you'll first need to soften the strip. Small eyes are better suited to naturally looking, shorter lashes, as this will accentuate the eyes without making them appear heavy.


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