How many lashes are on a full set of eyes?

Humans, on average, have more than 90 to 150 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and 70 to 80 eyelashes on the lower eyelash line. But as with everything, not all of us are normal and you'll always find the exceptions. For example, some people have as few as 50 lashes and others have more than 200 on the upper eyelid. In fact, a complete set can vary in the exact number of eyelashes used, depending on the number of natural eyelashes a person has to work with.

Eyelash extensions stick to individual eyelashes, so a “complete set” really differs from person to person. A complete set is best for those looking for a natural but remarkable eyelash look. A stylish choice for everyday use, the complete set illuminates and defines the eyes without looking too obvious or “ready”. The complete set is our most popular eyelash set for beginners and can always be upgraded to a larger set during a filling appointment.

Therefore, do not forget that the expression of the curl changes depending on the angle of the natural eyelashes. If your eyelash extension supply closet is filled with only popular curls, such as C and D curls, you'll have the limit of offering a truly personalized look. Tell your facial if you've applied eyelash extensions, since your eyelashes don't mix well with steam, so they usually find another way to give you your favorite facial treatment. There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your eyelash extensions.

The eyelash extension is attached to the actual eyelash (not the eyelid), so it feels the same as normal eyelashes. Calculating the correct volume of the fan size comes from understanding the thickness x weight ratio of the eyelash extension. This eyelash extensions chart helps you show your customers the different types of extensions, curls and eyelash lengths available. They're the perfect starting point for first-time eyelash extensions and are more popular for everyday use.

Don't try to remove your eyelash extensions yourself, as this could easily damage your natural lashes, as the adhesive bond is extremely strong. You should use an oil-free, glycol-free, and lash-safe makeup remover; oil-based makeup removers will damage the adhesive on your eyelashes and can cause eyelash extensions to fall out prematurely.

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