What does being a certified lash tech mean?

An eyelash certification is a qualification in the beauty industry that verifies your ability to apply eyelash extensions and tints to clients in a professional environment. Eyelash certifications are usually supplemental courses that cosmetologists or beauticians obtain after receiving their cosmetology license. Have you ever wondered what it means to be a certified eyelash technician? Get the details on this rewarding occupation that is in high demand in the eyelash extensions industry. When it comes to deciding to try eyelash extensions, question number one should be: Is the eyelash stylist a licensed cosmetologist or beautician? The biggest misconception is that certification is equivalent to licensing.

Just because an eyelash stylist is certified DOES NOT mean that the person is licensed. The difference between a license and a professional beauty certification is enormous. For example, you may be asked questions about how to properly clean your eyelashes or what types of glue are most often used by professionals in this industry. When a guest visits The Lash Lounge, they can rest easy knowing they're in good hands and that their technician is certified by Lash Lounge to apply eyelash extensions.

Certified eyelash technicians can make the difference between beautiful eyelashes and a style that doesn't meet expectations. First, we'll discuss why getting the license needed to perform your eyelash treatments and eyelash extension services from the start is essential to your success as an independent business owner. There's good reason for that, as Teen Vogue estimates that eyelashes and eyelash extensions are becoming more popular than mascara. In-person classes are also the best option, as you'll receive practical guidance to learn how to work with eyelash extensions and new eyelash products that come on sale.

Another prominent organization, the National Whip Artists Association (commonly referred to as the NALA Global Directory), can help you find an accredited course to help you on your journey to become licensed. That means choosing a salon where eyelash artists are licensed and have the appropriate eyelash certification. If you don't, your certification will expire and it may be very difficult for you to find work as a certified eyelash technician. Now that we've covered all the potential benefits of becoming a licensed eyelash professional, let's get on with the most interesting part: how do you actually do it?.

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