How often should you take a break from eyelash extensions?

We recommend a minimum of two months of rest after eyelash extensions to allow natural eyelashes to fully recover and regrow. There are some benefits to taking a break from eyelash extensions. First of all, it can give your natural eyelashes a chance to rest and recover. If you use eyelash extensions all the time, your natural lashes can become weak and brittle.

Taking a break will allow them to grow stronger again. Eyelash extensions come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. With the best eyelash extensions in New York City, professional applications and reliable eyelash technicians to help you with aftercare and maintenance, Ebenezer is the perfect choice to help you look and feel your best. Overall, taking scheduled breaks from eyelash extensions is a great way to ensure overall eyelash health in the long term.

However, with eyelashes on it's completely different, since you have to make sure that you can be consistent with your vacation and do everything possible to maintain your eyelashes for as long as you're away from extensions. For the most part, eyelashes grow and fall out, so if a customer buys lightweight extensions suitable for their own natural eyelashes with high-quality glue and regular fillers, their natural eyelashes should be perfectly fine.

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