How many lash extensions go on each eye?

A typical treatment involves 80 to 140 individual extensions per eye, with lashes ranging in length from 6 to 18 mm, according to Richardson. The answer depends on how many natural lashes you actually have. For some, the set of 280 (140 eyelashes per eye) is a complete set, while for others, the set of 160 (80 eyelashes per eye) is sufficient for a complete set. Each of the eyelash extension sets we offer is the maximum number of lashes that will be applied to natural lashes.

If you choose the 160 eyelash set, we'll apply up to 80 lashes per eye. You may not have 80 natural lashes per eye, but we'll make sure to apply as many lashes as possible (up to 80 per eye, depending on the number of natural lashes available) and we'll give you that complete look. A full set of eyelash extensions usually takes 2 to 3 hours to apply, but may vary slightly depending on the number of natural lashes you have, the method of application and the appearance of eyelashes you choose. The experience working with different types of natural lashes and the number of clients they have had (full-time, part-time or occasional) also influence how quickly an eyelash professional becomes an expert in applying eyelashes.

The number of eyelash extensions per eye normally used ranges from 90 to 150, depending on the customer, the width of the eyes, the number of lashes that currently exist, etc. This will help you and your stylist determine the best custom eyelash creation for you, one that is safe and enhances your natural lashes.

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