Can i do lashes with a certificate in georgia?

After obtaining a cosmetology license, you can get training to get a certificate in eyelash extensions. In Georgia, this is a 4-day training. Who can perform eyelash extension services in the United States is regulated state by state. Each state provides its own eyelash extension guidelines.

The Cosmetology Board is responsible for providing guidance to eyelash extension artists who work in each individual state. Our Pearl Lash team has put together a comprehensive guide, called State Eyelash Extension Regulations, which makes it easy to identify local state regulations. Each state will be different in terms of what you may need to do eyelash extensions. Most states require a license to do eyelash extensions.

EBL does not grant licenses, this is something you will receive for attending a school within your state. If your state requires a license, we require verification of the license in order to receive eyelash training. Once you've verified that you're properly licensed, we'd love to have you in class. This process ensures that you have the right knowledge to safely perform different procedures, such as applying eyelash extensions.

Maybe it's a nervous client or a girlfriend who wants to become an eyelash artist who is curious about this question. Use the interactive online training modules on eyelash extensions at your own pace before, during and after the Xtreme LIVE online training. If you're a beginner, sign up for the 4-day Xtreme LIVE Online classic eyelash extensions certification training led by a coach. This hands-on, immersive training gives you the skills and knowledge to apply eyelashes to anyone with confidence.

Own and operate your own business, seek employment at your local medical salon or spa, hire your local multi-stylist eyelash studio, or even become a mobile freelancer. Afterwards, and only later, in states that require a cosmetology or beautician license, can you complete an eyelash training program. We only offer eyelash extension courses to students who are already licensed or accredited in the fields of beauty, dentistry, medicine or health, as well as to those studying in one of these industries. Sign up for Xtreme LIVE online training using modern technology and communicate with your coach and classmates as you complete the application and live training, while receiving real-time feedback from your certified Xtreme Lashes coach.

This regulation is determined by the state Board of Cosmetology, check with your state board to determine state eyelash extension requirements. Due to the relative novelty of eyelash extension services in the U.S. In the US, many states are still adjusting their regulations. However, it is beneficial to attend an eyelash training program to learn proper application techniques and aftercare.

If you live in Alpharetta, Columbus, Savannah, Roswell, or anywhere else in Georgia, sign up for Xtreme Live online eyelash extensions certification training.

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