What animal is mink lashes?

In Australia and other countries, mink eyelashes have become popular. They are mink hides that are shaved from the body of a mink (just before or immediately after killing the animal on a fur farm) and then stuck in clumps to a human's eyelashes to achieve a “fuller and thicker appearance”. So yes, mink eyelashes are vegan and cruelty-free, and have nothing to do with animal mink. But wearing mink eyelashes has a much more sinister side than it seems.

It is fueling the burgeoning mink fur farming industry, in which animals suffer tremendous fear, stress, torture, disease and inhuman sacrifice when they are no longer considered profitable. Of course, there are also mink eyelash extensions made from real mink fur, such as BL Natural (Real Mink) eyelashes.


extensions come in a wide range of animal-friendly fibers to suit all budgets and all desired effects. Even Beyoncé, who claims to have used “100% authentic mink eyelashes” part time, is betting on using 100% authentic mink eyelashes, adding her name to the long list of celebrities who also defend animal hair, such as Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner.

These individual synthetic mink lashes are curled and sharpened to perfection, and are versatile and durable. The word “mink” tends to confuse many artists and eyelash clients, and many of them tend to believe that eyelashes are made of animal hair. Some brands of mink eyelashes are very specific in terms of where minks are raised, but with the globalization of the fur trade, it is impossible to know exactly where the eyelashes come from and there is a risk of using fur from unethical manufacturers. First of all, whether they are called mink, silk, cashmere, sabre or velvet, they are ALL made of synthetic PBT, not natural materials (except for products where it is clearly specified that they use animal hair, such as authentic mink eyelashes).

Diseases and injuries are widespread on these farms, and animals suffering from anxiety-induced psychosis bite their own limbs and repeatedly throw themselves against the cage bars. Since mink lashes have the widest variety of curls, thicknesses and lengths, they can offer your customers a wide choice of styles, from natural to spectacular. Most mink eyelash brands boldly claim that their products are free of animal cruelty and claim that they only come from “free-range” farms where animals are gently combed to obtain their fur. They're not for everyone, but real mink lashes are best for customers looking for an incredibly natural look.

For the same PBT mink eyelash extensions, some brands would call them mink, while others would call them royal sabre. Create a subtle color gradation by mixing mink lashes with black eyelashes, or create a fascinating look using a complete set of all shades of color.

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