Do eyelash extensions cause chalazion?

Yes, eyelash extensions can increase the risk of developing a chalazion if applied and maintained incorrectly. In addition, the unhygienic conditions of the procedure can contribute to the formation of a stye, and an untreated stye can turn into a chalazion. However, these eyelash extensions can cause some problems. Fowler patients also come with chalazions, or what most of us call styes, due to oil buildup.

Eyelash extensions can cause cross-contamination and the formation of styes. That's why it's crucial to never give eyelash extensions to a customer with a stye. You don't want to transfer the eye infection to another customer. The following are the most common types of eyelash extension infections you may see and their symptoms.

But now that eyelash extensions are increasingly available and, dare we say it, affordable, you can wake up every day with the lashes of your dreams. He explains that eyelash extension products do not need to be approved by the FDA: “it is the manufacturers who must ensure the safety of cosmetic products. Some researchers have reported that eyelash extensions can cause allergic reactions that cause conjunctivitis and that repeated use can also cause hair loss and cause alopecia due to the excess weight of the extensions.

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